The Christmas story every golfer has been waiting for is finally here! The Golfer’s Night BeFORE! Christmas reveals the truth about Santa’s Love for the game of golf - and a problem with is golf swing! Dressed in knickers, thermal golf shirt, and golf shoes, Santa pauses on his rounds to hit a few practice shots off of a fellow golf enthusiast’s roof. But he just can’t stop hitting a slice! His new golfing buddy comes to his rescue by giving Santa a golf lesson right there on the roof! He tells Santa, “And keep your head steady, you don’t want to sway... That belly of your sometimes get in the way!” Soon, Santa gets in the groove... “His backswing was slower, his wrists cocked a little... And this time he nailed that ball straight down the middle!”

   Filled with tradition, humor, and class, this book will make every golfer smile in golfing satisfaction. Learn the amazing secrets of Santa’s golf swing and where his golf balls end up after he hits them!

And I heard him call out as he swung back around, Merry Christmas FORE! all, and FORE! all a good round! The Golfer’s Night BeFore! Christmas This beautiful, hardcover, full color, 30 page book can be used as: Here are a few excerpts. . . Pages 1 & 2 Pages 7 & 8 Pages 9 & 10 Pages 19 & 20

There’s many more pages of golfing delight that follows…

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by Robert Bernardini

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